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Uav target jamming equipment

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Uav target jamming equipment

Uav target jamming equipment
Uav target jamming equipment

Large Image :  Uav target jamming equipment

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: thundsea
Certification: CCS
Model Number: Uav
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: one set
Packaging Details: carton box
Delivery Time: 15days
Supply Ability: 30 set per month

Uav target jamming equipment

Interference Spectrum: 800 MHZ To 6000 MHZ Temperature: -25℃~+40℃
Transmission Power: 20 W Or Less Maximum Interference Range: Acuity 1.5 Km
Weight: 25kg Or Less Size: 528mm X 590mm X 460mm (L X W X H)

1 Introduction 

Uav target jamming equipment is a professional control equipment that transmits high-intensity electromagnetic waves to operate on the flight control system and satellite positioning receiver of various small and medium-sized civil UAVs, and disables them by blocking normal communication signals.

This product can interfere with 800MHz ~ 6000MHz full-band flight control signals and GPS/GLONADD/ Beidou II maintenance and positioning signals to block their communication.

2 Main technical indicators

2.1 The main function

  • 0 ~ 360° omnidirectional interference mode.
  • It can transmit interference signals with different bandwidth and modulation styles.
  • Specifically, the ability to interfere with both navigation signals and remote control chart signals.
  • Third party guidance interference is acceptable.

2.2 Main indicators

2.2.1 Interference spectrum

800 MHZ to 6000 MHZ.

2.2.2 Interfere with the way

Block interference.

2.2.3 Interference signal pattern

Broadband noise frequency modulation, frequency sweep, comb spectrum, extensible.

2.2.4 Interference signal bandwidth

40MHz, 80MHz, cocoa expansion.

2.2.5 Transmission power

20 w or less.

2.2.6 Maximum interference range

Acuity 1.5 km.

2.2.7 Rotation Angle

Level: -180° ~ 180°;

Pitch: 0°~60°.

2.2.8 Rotation speed

Level: 0.01° ~ 45°/S;

Pitch: 0.01° ~ 15°/S.

2.3 Working temperature


2.4 PSU and power consumption

Voltage: DC28V (with AC220 integrated PSU);

Power consumption: 200W.

2.5 interface

Ethernet, 100Mbps.

2.6 The weight of the

25 kg or less.

2.7 size

528mm x 590mm x 460mm (L x W x H).

3 equipment

The UAV target jamming equipment is mainly composed of jamming host, intelligent head and 800MHz ~ 6000MHz antenna array.




4 Working principle and process

4.1 The working principle of

The UAV target jamming device generates one or two excitation signals for navigation and remote control diagram signals through signal excitation board, outputs to the power amplifier module, and radiates out through directional jamming antenna. The signal excitation board is mainly composed of FPGA and AD9361 chip. The FPGA is controlled to generate interference excitation signals with different bandwidth and different modulation styles through control commands, and then the excitation signals are sent to the power amplifier module to transmit the interference signals through the antenna.


4.2 The working process

The flow chart of signal realization of interference suppression function is shown in figure. The control command of the interference device is sent to the gimbal control system through the output of the man-machine interface to control the rotating of the gimbal. At the same time, the gimbal forwards the parameters to the signal excitation board to generate the excitation signal, and the control power amplifier module starts to work at the same time.



5 Detailed technical proposal

5.1 Interfere with the host

The interference host adopts the modular design concept, which is mainly composed of signal excitation module, circuit breaker, 800MHz ~ 6000MHz power amplifier module group and PSU module.


5.1.1 Design of signal excitation module

The basic block diagram of the signal excitation module is shown in the figure. The intelligent cradle head forwards the control parameters of the signal excitation module sent by the terminal computer, and the baseband signal required by the FPGA chip production is transmitted to the frequency conversion output on the AD9361 chip.


5.1.2 800MHz ~ 6000MHz power amtion moduleplifier module group design

The 800MHz to 6000MHz power amplifier module group is designed in piecewise mode. There are 800MHz to 6000MHz power amplifiers and 1100MHz to 1600MHz power amplifiers. 800MHz to 6000MHz power amplifier

  • Operating frequency: F1:800MHz ~ 1600MHz;

F2:1600MHz to 6000MHz.

  • Maximum input power: 1dBm.
  • Gain: ≥43dBm.
  • Output power: ≥43dBm (20W).
  • Harmonic suppression: ≤-12 DBC.
  • Spurious suppression: ≤-60 DBC.
  • Power consumption: +28V, current ≤3.5A@PO: 43dBm(Max) (F1: ≤1.8A, F2: ≤3.5A). 1100MHz to 1600MHz power amplifier

  • Operating frequency: F1:1100MHz ~ 1600MHz;
  • Maximum input power: 1dBm.
  • Gain: ≥43dBm.
  • Output power: ≥43dBm (20W).
  • Harmonic rejection: ≤-12dBc.
  • Spurious rejection: ≤-60dBc.
  • Power consumption: +28V, current ≤ 1.5A@PO: 43dBm(max).

5.2 800MHz~1600MHz antenna array

800MHz~1600MHz antenna array adopts segmented design, which are 800MHz~1600MHz log-periodic antenna and 1600MHz~6000MHz horn antenna.

5.2.1 800MHz~1600MHz log-periodic antenna Main technical performance

  • Frequency: 800MHz~1600MHz.
  • Standing wave: ≤2.5.
  • Polarization mode: vertical polarization.
  • Gain: 7dB.
  • Output form: SMA-50K. Shape structure size

0.8~1.6GHz interference antenna adopts logarithmic period antenna, the structure size of antenna is shown.



5.2.2 1600MHz~6000MHz horn antenna Main technical performance

  • Frequency: 1600MHz~6000MHz.
  • VSWR: ≤2.5.
  • Polarization mode: vertical polarization.
  • Gain: 10dB (typical value).
  • Output form: SMA-50K. Shape structure size

1600MHz~6000MHz interference antenna adopts horn antenna, the structure size of antenna is shown.



5.3 Intelligent head

5.3.1 Main technical performance

  • Rotation angle: horizontal -180°~180°; pitch 0°~60°.
  • Rotation speed: horizontal 0.01°~45°/S; pitch 0.01°~15°/S.
  • Positioning accuracy: ±0.1°.
  • Communication protocol: Support Pelco-D, Pelco-P.
  • Communication baud rate: 2400/4800/9600/19200 bps optional.
  • Communication interface: RS485.
  • Input PSU: DC28V.
  • Power consumption: ≤70W.
  • Operating temperature.
  • Load: ≤15kg.
  • Whole machine weight: 12.5kg.


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